Planned Litter "A"


March 2015

"U" Ch. Angie RoyalSplendour of Diam Weim 

DOB 22.3.2011 

DKK 0/0 DLK 0/0

"U" C.I.E., C.I.B. Multi Ch. Alan od Potoka Kačáku

DOB 25.2.2008

DKK 1/1 DLK 0/0 (RTG ve 3 letech)


The future mum of this litter will be universality bitch, Angie RoyalSplendour of Daim Weim. Breeding bitch has become a spring 2013 however her laber potentioal postponed. All hunting exams finished in I.price. She has one her Forest Exam with full marks in Bristany. Moreover, she was successful on the Club All Round Exam/Versallity Exam, where she finished as second with title Res.CACT. This year she participated on Nominations Memrial Richard Knoll and Memorial Ludka Hejneho she finished title CACT. Who had the change to know her, knows that she is docile, very hardworking, intelligent with a strong will and versatile potential. It is very mild friendly balanced character bitch and she is not dominant female, but when it is need it she defends her position. Children adore her and shi is licks them and love them, she is so calm when they around and rather stand and goes a way when it is too much for her. She is not cannel dog, however she is not spoiled either. She has a beutiful silver colour from the beggining with little white mark, where her heart is. She was born to successful parents in the Dog Shows. Angie always gains Excellent marks from the shows. She has very successful brother Atrey Forever Hero of DW and sister Almost Heaven of DW. We go together for shoots and hunts since 2012 and work is for her motivation for furhter exams.She shows great talent transmitted from a known working dogs from America, England and the Czech Republic. She demonstrates a excellent nose, searching and reliable aport.

The father of the puppies was chosen very careffully. The most important was the nature of the stud dog, therefore I have been choosing from the dogs I personally know. The second important criteria were working reusults and at least the type and appearance of the stud dog. The nature of this dog is "Alpha male", but he is nevertheless very calm and serene and daling of the family in which he lives. He performed a skills assumptions and labor in many exams with great success. He has sucessfully finished two All Rounds Exams in I.price, excellent in Forest Exams (winner, 2.place, 3.place, etc), always finished Water Exams in I.price and he obtain his CACT title at Memorial J.Danka. He has been many times in Finals on Dog Shows, has title Club Champion and he is Champion of many countries. Let me introduce Alan od Potoka Kacaku. Alf has a wonderful website and surely you will find anything you need or want about him there. Alf is also used for hunting purposes an he enjoys his work.

What we expect from the puppies: 

  • first-class hunting assumptions & abilities 
  • perfect exterior 
  • balanced peaceful nature 
  • noble head 
  • strong bones 
  • perfect color 
  • excellent bloodline
Ideal partners for life :) with use in hunting or elsewhere. 

In case of your serious interest in puppy from our kennel, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you