Frea is natuarally brilliant worker. I have choose her because of her pedigree and potential from Vives Bohemia Cannel. I never regret this. She has fulfill condition to be breeding bitch just 15 months old. Already twice she  got the title *The Best Water* and she is the youngest Hungerian Viszla bitch with All Round Exam - only 16 months old. She is small but fast. She started with her hunting on shoots 2014.


2015 was not easy year for all of us. We had litter "A" of Weim puppies in spring and all training had to wait. We have not been prepare for the Nomination Competition of MRK and failed. Then I had broken leg and Angie also had operation. The luck was not really on our side. 
However we have tried our best with Frea and succeeded in 8 exams, including two high Memorials - MJS (Universality Club Exam) and MKS (Highest Slovak Exam for pointing dogs). We have finished the seazon with Universality Exam with nearly full points - the blood tracking as Notifier with the title The Best Blood Tracker. So proud of her. And Blood Tracking Exam with full points as Notifier. All this brought also prestige titles from the Club - The Female MOK of the year 2015 and The Leader of the year 2015.
2016 shall start with the Nomination Competition of MRK again. We shall see how we start the season this year.