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The Czech Weimaraner Club History


Already in the mid-17th Auersperkové century acted on their estates in Vlašimi, Nasavrky and glens dogs like Weimar Pointers.

The most commonly cited theory about the origin of the breed is linked with the Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar, Karl August, who in 1824 brought vv ancestors of today's Weimaraner of Crown Lands of St. Wenceslas (ie, from the Czech Republic!). Psy excellent hunting properties recognized during his visit to the spa in Teplice in Moravia. When hunting on the estate of Prince Esterhazy Auersperg was impressed by their performance and intelligence, and so few of them bought and brought home to Weimar, where he continues to be bred and their offspring distributed hunters. This theory gave the first German kynolog Emil Ilgner in 1921 and assumes that the majority of other authors. (Ilgner Weimaraner described as white with russet yellow range, high arched nose, lips slightly overhanging, with strong jaws - according to the testimony of ancient hunters of Thuringia).

PHOTO: The original image Hartnberg castle in Bohemia, where, according to Ilgner Duke August Aueršperk know where VO and brought them to his court

This theory was trying to verify the origin of a Weimaraner from Bohemia to demonstrate historical evidence and Czech kynolog and one of the first postwar Breeders Weimaraner MD. Jan Fiala. According to the papers, he managed to find out that Karl August in 1924 in the Czech Republic actually stayed, unfortunately mention of dogs in his correspondence preserved from the German side was understandable interest in finding historical documents that would prove this theory.
Slovak historian and keeper Weimaraner M. Púčik Although disprove the possible origin of the Weimaraner Justice Auersperk family, but denies the existence of people (often referred to by other authors) Prince Esterhazy Auersperg. For hunting purposes, a Weimaraner in what is now the Czech Republic has been using since 1910. But the dogs were owned by foreign nobility. In the stud book compiled by Charles Podhajským were enrolled first 4 VO breeder Richard Tomanek, who is considered the founder of the Weimaraner breed in the country.

PHOTO: Richard Tomanek

Of registered dogs are 2 imports. (Dogs brought in 1922). The exact import of dogs in the sources differ, Tomanek himself in one of his letters he writes that Argo brought up in 1924.

PHOTO: Richard Tomanek with their dogs von Lindblom

1924 exhibition in Olomouc was demonstrated for 6 výmaranů. In Stráži hunting appeared first report on the Weimaraner - Argo v. Rundhof received II. prize at the upcoming spring testing pointers versatile talents in Znojmo (first prize was not awarded). A further report in the same issue of participation Arga and Gerdy at a dog show in Brno.

1925 First coherent article about výmaranech with us - guard hunting, III. year, author: Richard Tomanek.

19246 registered first two litters VO - breeding station of the Baltic Mr. Richard Tomanek litter and Mr. K. Matějů from Brno - Zidenice, kennel Bela written two litters - breeding station of the Baltic and not performed Kennel - Breeder J. Rittich, forester of the church Pilsen.

19249 in the stud book was written in a dog imported landowner Vl. Mitrovským of Lower currants.

The 1930 autumn tests upcoming talent hunter got bitch Mr. R. Tomanek Mucanda of the Baltic honorary prize for the best work on the siding.

1931 -1934 written litters stations not performed and the Baltic Sea from Vienna lets you bring your dog Asso von der Ruine Waasen Josef Svoboda from Chropyne. The dog had to be treated by a veterinarian on the way to alcohol poisoning because his guide on his way from Vienna was trying to calm cognac.

J. Svoboda of Assovi speaks as his best dog, which was great for dohledávky game high and small, excellent retriever (often when he caught a rabbit, a dog with catch sent home to his wife, so after returning from the forest was waiting for him roast rabbit. Though he sometimes people in the village tried to grab prey, always brought a rabbit to home). Josef Svoboda had been a dog breeder and judge of performance.

PHOTO: Josef Svoboda (right) and dogs from his kennel - Boří

1937 registered another litter breeder Dr. Hans Friesse. Other breeders VO: Josef Svoboda, T.Podstazsky and R. Tomanek.
VOK at the time, acted in 3 separate blood lines. One of them is the line of our domestic dogs led from 1922 and continuing a dog from Adare Domášovských forests. Dogs that line better performance at work in the woods, in the field have been somewhat slower and have less search.

1942 - 1945 registered 2 litters of Joseph Vavrucha Kojetína, breeding. Wed Park

PHOTO: Pedigree 1947

50th After a summer of 1945 was one of the first breeders in the Czech Republic VO Koloman slug of Nove Mesto nad by weight (kennel Z Povazie) and MD. Jan Fiala of Henry Hradec. In post-war reconstruction and helps breed R. Knoll (his first purebred dog was VO) Bornemiscz baron Robert and Jamie.
MD. Jan Fiala of Henry Hradec one of the first postwar VO breeder and founder of the club.

PHOTO: Jan Fiala

The first Weimaraner obtained from the forest Stanislava Kulandy the old saddle (today Orlik nad Vltavou). In addition, he managed to get another 2 females and 1 seven year old dog, which the exams. He brought also from Austria first VOD. It was a female Bessy vom Burgholz.

PHOTO: Bessy vom Burgholz, at the age of 4 months

Bitch showed the PZ and exhibition, which has become a breeding. Bitch then bought Mr. Rand Bessy in 1966 (after the cover in Austria) laid the foundation of his kennel Z Vlčnavských shores. This station is one of our most successful in the breeding of long výmaranů. It was bred in the 66 long-haired dogs. One very successful breeding dogs that came from this station was Billy Vlčnavských of banks that received at the international exhibition in Brno reserve CACIB and the title of club champion in 1968. At club won versatile tests in 1970 I. price.

PHOTO: Billy Vlčnavských from banks

His son was another very successful dog Cit of Vlčnavských banks. Weimaraner has been with us a little, and he was attached to the breed club shorthaired pointers.

1952 Lead dogs shorthair pointers in Prague (20.1) set R. Knoll as the main point of the community foundation breeding efforts and ensure import. The emphasis placed on completion of all canine enterprises.

1954 Koloman Slug imported from Austria (in exchange for Hungarian Pointer) from a breeder Alberta Bornemisza (Chairman of the Kennel Club Weimaraner in Austria) pair VO - Dog Murkla vdAlten Eiche and female Monika.vd Haraska. This pair can be regarded as the founder of the postwar VO breeding in the Czech Republic. I had here was the behavior of several VO such as Aja Sykora, Senta Palánek, Alan from Bažantnice. It was after them, but very few offspring, and these were further used in breeding.
Koloman Slug of these dogs writes: "Murkel exterior excel. His head had quite square with too strong stopom. Was even steeper in the ass. Bol 61-62 cm height. But they excelled at work. Sharp to vermine. Vocal on track. In the rapidly enough with very good nosed. Loud was not only on track, but also published on pofarbenej traces led to the belt. "

PHOTO: Murckel von den Alten Eiche

"Monika exterior was excellent, with a nice head, bezchybnej skeleton with a distinctive silvery color. Height 65 cm. The finding has been slower, nature jemnejšej and in exercising below the level Murkela. "

PHOTO: Monika von den Haraska

S Murkelem Dr. Fiala graduated spring and autumn tests, then the next owner Slovak tests versatile. The first litter of 23 March 1955 gave the dogs in the kennel from the Carpathian Mountains, which belonged Kynologickému center, headed by Koloman just slug. Posterity has worked in both the exterior and in performance. Later they were still imported dogs Artur Schöneggerwald, Questor vd Haraska, Yes v.d. Wastelhutte

1959 Interest in the breed grows. Founded separate group in the club
breeders shorthair pointers. Committee members group began with registration Weimaraner and soon they were able to capture about 150 owners. Breeding advisor was Dr.. Jan Fiala for Bohemia and Moravia and Slovakia Koloman Slug. Managing director was Josef Moravec.

PHOTO: Josef Moravec with Hankou from the Carpathians

1960 Koloman Slug writes in a journal article on Hunting Weimaraner. Draws particular attention to its inherent property to trace, volume on the trail, bringing congenital, sharpness (to humans), absolute control and obedience. It states that it is a dog suitable for beginners. "Well incorporated výmaran sight of each game." In the Czech studbook was entered 39 puppies from 7 litters and one long-haired Weimaraner puppy. Tilly - Blanka from Kunratické rocks led by Dr. Jan Fiala won the championship Sumava in Czech Budejovice.

PHOTO: Blanka - Championship winner Šumava

Interest in the breed is growing. Culminates the efforts of establishing a separate club. In two litters of CHS Povazie occurred hound puppies. It was a connection:
Flora of the Carpathians x Artur Schöneggerwald, Alma from the Danube Yes x 40 in. Wastlhütte Anniversary KCHVO in Austria. On examination organized on this occasion in Krems was shown for the first time abroad VO of Czech breed - Citra from Povazie led by Robert Jamie. The pair won the test.

PHOTO: Robert Jakoubek with citrate of Povazie

MKP Poděbrady successfully graduated from Dalan Kunratické rock led by Jiří Vojtisek. Company placed fourth place in II. price.

PHOTO: Dalan from Kunratické rocks

The breed has 10 males and 33 females shorthaired, longhaired and 1 female 10 Weimaraner hrubosrstých. The magazine for the breeding and training Kynologie an article by dr. Fiala informing about the breed and the breed for us. Article informing the Weimaraner came also in hunting.

1965 Robert Jamie brought by the Austrian breeder and judge Joseph Heger dog Ulf von der Murwitz - male at the age of 3.5 years had only SW. Jamie with him during the three months passed LZ, PZ and VZ. At the international exhibition in Prague won the CACIB (one of the first to VO). Dog excelled speed, stamina, good nose and washing in water.

PHOTO: Ulf v.d. Murwitz

Furthermore, Karel Kubec brought from Germany Bube dog vom Zehnthof. Both dogs brought into our breeding excellent properties.
Photo: Bube vom Zehnthof

VOK So at the time, acted in 3 separate blood lines - led by two imported dogs and a third line of our domestic dogs led from 1922 and continuing a dog from Adare Domášovských forests. Dogs that line better performance at work in the woods, in the field have been somewhat slower and have less search.

1966 12.21 was founded in Prague Hotel Meteor Animals VO
Founding members KCHVO: Jamie Robert, Vojtěch Krupa, Zdeněk rand Stanislav Kara, Josef Najman, Joseph Joseph, Paul Lazar, prof. Mohamed Ali Silhavy, Jiri Vojtisek, Stanislav Sykora, Jan Sikora, Charles Paul.

First Committee KCHVO:
Chairman: Robert Jakoubek
Vice-Chairman: Josef Najman
CEO: Vojtěch Krupa
The main breeding advisor: Joseph Joseph
Breeding consultant for Slovakia: Anthony Krchávek
Economist: Zdeněk Řanda
Registrar: Karel Paul
Members of the Committee: Stanislav Kara, Jan Sikora, Stanislav Sykora, prof. Mohamed Ali Silhavy,
Substitutes: George Vojtisek, MUDr.Jana Fiala, Václav Chvapil, Paul Lazar

PHOTO: Robert Jamie founding member and first president of the Czech Republic KCHVO

Already at the opening meeting, it was decided KCHVO tightening breeding conditions - dogs must pass outside the PZ and LZ or VZ.

Further discussion on the constituent meeting of the club led by whether acting alone or VOK longhaired expand and maintain the rough variant. The club decided to treat separately all three coat varieties. If necessary, it is possible to přikřížit longhaired VOK, but puppies will always be kept as VOD. Individuals hrubosrsté lead separately and is not cross stacks with VOK. Also, short coat varieties will continue as a pure bred.

PHOTO: Bessy the Carpathians - rough VO

It was decided that the condition of the stud dog is a versatile club graduation exams.

In South Bohemia truth is an article about MD. Jan Fiala and his efforts to shed light on the origin of the Weimaraner - namely, the theory about the origin of Bohemia

1968 - The CA has been shown 65 Weimaraner (2 of VOD and one rough). 5 dogs Successfully tested. VZ was brought to 1 in VO III. price

1969 The first club-round tests at the White Újezdě, won dog Bube vom Zehnthof, leader Karel Kubec from strawberry. Mr. Kurt Schneider from Germany gave the club two six puppies - dogs VOK. From Austria were keeping Mr. Vinopol brought two long-haired dogs. Cat vom Grand Village then gave in conjunction with several different dogs litters. Puppies from these litters are used in breeding. Since 1965, the stud book written about 400 pups (average 100 puppies a year). This year has been presented in exhibitions and 60 VO 69 VO CA. On VZ demonstrated 10 dogs - 3 I. Price, 3x III. price. 4 reprobates.

PHOTO: First club-round test

PHOTO: Cover Newsletters from 1969

1970 second-round test club - winning engineer Paul Vyhlídal Brix of Chrbova. Conference KCHVO, breeding consultant Vojtěch Krupa. Dog Bube vom Zenhnthof participated in MKP Lito and succeeded in III. price. Dog led Karel Kubec. On PZ demonstrated 68 VO. VO Breeding is conducted on the principle of breeding lines

1971 - The club's third-round test of Opolians won the fight with the leader Jan english. First issue of the club badge. On PZ demonstrated 55 VO. The club has 300 members.

1972 First club PZ in Trebic. It has been shown 39 dogs. He won Chrudoš Hard with a female Cindarella v. Will. In addition VOK and VOD was this year under the banner KCHVO kept 12 females and 1 male rough. On PZ has been shown 82 Weimaraner.
1973 Yearbook Club Conference and the 5th Anniversary KCHVO.
The great success of females Aida Pocínovické solitude led by Vaclav Terzlem - the MKP in Nove Mesto nad Váhom occupied the fourth place - I. prize, 371 points and was also awarded for the best work in the field.

1974 50 anniversary KCHVO in Austria. The winner of the tests became (CACIT) Czech bitch Aida Pocínovické of solitude Terzla leader V. .. Rudolf Konšel with female Cid Nestor finished in III.prize.

1975 On MRK were brought Weimar Pointers 2. Dog leader Vojtisek placed 3rd place (second prize, 362 points). Adviser breeding became Miroslav wand.

19276 10th anniversary of the club. Club competition to be held at the White Újezdě. A week before exams but there have been reports of rabies and the competition had to be hastily moved about 50 km to burning in the foothills. The competition involved eight dogs from the Czech Republic, three from Germany and two from Austria. The winner was from Asta Konšelová Justice leader and breeder Rudolph aldermen.

1977 From 1966 to 1977 was the year PZ demonstrated an average 73 VO.
Astor Dog of the Charter is trained as a service dog. He graduated ZVV 1 and was prepared on defensive and tracking tests. Dog led Hana Boldysová.
1978 Conference club Chairman. Wand, Vice Mausch, Executive Jamie, breeding consultant Masaryk, economist Hanus, registrar Strnadová, trainer Josef, press officers hard. The Inspector club date. She established a three-member breeding, training and editorial board. The club has at the end of the year to 452.

1979 In the years 1975-1979 has been presented each year an average of 18 dogs in the West. It was bred more than 100 puppies.

1980 On MRK is nominated female of Ada Farniska with 381 points leader Stanislav Quartz. It was established breeding and training council club.

1981 15th Anniversary KCHVO. 26th - 9.27 Club competition - a versatile test in Prostejov. The competition was attended by 14 VO, 6 longhaired. 4 dogs were leaders from Germany and two from Austria. The winner of the breeding female leader Rudolf aldermen - Gera Konšelová of Justice. Although the organization again complicated health measures - prohibition of tests originally planned hunting grounds because of rabies, was ultimately the organization and performance of the dogs highly ranked. After the first day of tests festive membership meeting was held with the participation of guests from abroad.

PHOTO: Diploma 15th anniversary

1982 brought MRK 2 Weimar Pointers. Fred Konšelová of Justice led by Joseph Krbečkem finished in 2nd price (269 points) and was nominated for MKP, where he gained 403 points and III. price, in which he pushed trademark of šoulačky 1. The dog was evaluated for the best work on the water.
The club has 12.31 381 members. Club members are convened in two membership meetings for Moravia and Bohemia. This year, the club registered owners of 52 breeding females and 14 males VO. It was reported 11 litters, of which the farmer left 61 puppies (of 87 births). The exhibition is attended by 31 VO, got excellent 14x and 17x VD. On PZ has been shown 37 VO.

1983 Conference of the club, the committee has not changed: Chairman Miroslav Wand, executive Jamie Robert, Vice Oto Mausch, economist Vladimir Hanus, breeding consultant Ferdinand Masaryk, matrikářka Eva Strnadová, trainer Josef Josef, press officer Josef Danek.

1984 Club tests in Krems on the 60th anniversary KCHVO in Austria - long výmaračka Dája from juniper side led by Zdenek Pilar holds 4th in the first place and the price was awarded for the best work on the water. The first club show in VO Břeclavi. It has been shown 13 males and 19 females.

PHOTO: The first club show Breclav

At all exhibitions in the Czech Republic has been shown 57 VO, which was so far the most in club history. On ZV demonstrated 16 VO, the PZ 47 and 17 VOK VOD on LZ 5 VO, the MRK and MKP led Zdeněk Pilar longhaired female Dája from juniper hillsides. MRK - II. price of 400 points, 425 points MRK, III. Price (fox - playpen 1). To improve the quality of long-haired Weimaraner was decided to mezivarietním crossing VOK and VOD in selected males and females. It was approved by the FCI. III. versatile club competition in years. The winner was a dog the leader of Germany. Club winner is Ira Konšelová of Justice led by Lubomir cheap. The competition was attended by a total of 20 dogs, of which 10 dogs from foreign countries - West Germany, East Germany and Austria.
The Weimaraner is beginning to successfully apply outside of hunting. Do police services were purchased first Weimar Pointers Cyr and Sensibility Velenovského of boron (M: Zita Nestor, O: Brid from Jizerska) from the kennel Anthony Kočího of Nezamyslice. By tracking the work surpassed by that time mainly used German shepherds. At the age of 22 months old tracks drew up five hours in extreme podmínkách.Tyto ability Weimaraner also confirmed by another dog Ace of Maple avenue (M: Exa Nestor, O: Castor v. Zuckermantel) from the kennel Frantisek Krejci, who was purchased by the police three years later.
This year has been shown to PZ 70 Weimaraner. It was thrown 157 VOK puppies from 20 litters (99 left) and 31 VOD from 4 litters (16 left). Club show in Buchlovice. It has been shown 44 dogs. Dogs were judged F. Masaryk, bitches ing wand.

PHOTO: Club Show Buchlovice 1987

In club competition in Broumov (SZVP and ZO) won Borek of Hobšovského mill led by Vaclav pieces.

PHOTO: Winner of club competitions Borek Hobšovského mill led by Vaclav Kuška

The breed has 11 dogs and 5 dogs VOK VOD. Conference KCHVO. Club competition - PZ + ZO in the White Újezdě, winning dog from Germany. Club winner Charka from pike led by L. Mack. At the 3rd Club show in havlíčkův Brod were shown 35 Weimaraner. Participation of members KCHVO the versatile tests in Austria.

PHOTO: Robert Jakoubek on VZ in Austria, I. 1989. First left Paul Fedorko, and Vasil Jamie Fedorko.

Extraordinary Conference KCHVO - significant changes in the committee. Club competition (LZ and SZVP) in Krupařovicích. The competition is zúčastnilo12 dogs, of which one from Germany and one from Austria. The winner is the dog from Austria. Club winner Gary Eider - leader Paul Fedorko. There have been the first post-revolutionary contacts with foreign countries. Club member Mr. blacks helped first meeting with KCH in Austria. Among the clubs began to regularly exchange newsletters. Exams that year participated in a total of 44 VO, of which only 3 reprobates.

On special club show in Prostejov was assessed 37 dogs. Prettiest dog show was the Dyna Loun Mr. Charles Raita.
In September, the White Újezdě versatile club held trials were undertaken in 15 dogs, of which 3 were from Germany and two from Austria. Club winner Gary Eider's leader Paul Fedorko also won the award for the best work on the water.

Club competition SZVP and LZ in Prstice. Attended by 12 dogs, 2 from Germany. Winner Gary Kajka led by Paul Fedorko. Were prepared new statutes club. The winner of the club competition again Kajka led by Gary P. Fedorko.

1994 Club competition held in Zalužany. He won international participants.
International versatile tests 70th anniversary of the Weimaraner Club of Austria attended Paul Fedorko dog virus from Hajnice. Since 18 months old Vir did not meet the age limit for general exams, which was 24 months in Austria, to undertake only CA (first prize) and SZVP (third prize).

1995 Following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia was created in October standalone Animals VO to Slovak.
Club competition - LZ and SZVP held Lower Bojanovice for participation dogs from Germany and Austria. The winner of Ajax Altova Justice led by Jan feathers.
Club show in Prostejov - 35 VOK and 4 VOD.
Establishing cooperation with breeders club VO in Germany.

1996 30th Anniversary KCHVO. The club's all-round enrollment of 11 dogs tested in Great Bites. The winner of the Veta Hajnice with the leader Jiri Pavlik. Club show held in Prostejov. It has been demonstrated 25 and 16 VOK VOD.

1997 Club show in Nechanice Castle. VOD exposed to 4 and 22 VOK.
At club competition in Bzenec enrollment of 12 dogs. The winner was from Asta Kunský Obůrky led by Mr. Hippo.
Club members are actively involved in celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the club VO in Germany - as a judge club chairman F. Masaryk, the versatile tests Jan Perička with VOK Arthur of Šatava. The exhibition VOD won the female of Czech breed Chanel Anisok from breeding Jitka Cosine.

PHOTO: Delegation Weimar Republic

MRK and MKP Litomyšl Paul Fedorko graduated with a dog virus from Hajnice. He also became the champions club competition in Plumlov.

PHOTO: Paul Fedorko virus on FEM

At the Spring downspouts were shown 83 Weimaraner.
Winners of club shows in Prostejov were Bon Postupickych of forests (owner J. Chudlářský) and female Mines of Altova Justice (owner Vlastimil Alt)
1999 The celebration of the 75th Anniversary KCHVO in Austria occupied the VZ leaders of the Czech Republic Pavel and Vasil Fedorko second and 8 place. Among the first eight dogs were 4 of Czech breed. As a referee VZ attended Masaryk F. and Francis tailor.

PHOTO: Celebrating the 75th Anniversary KCHVO in Austria - Czech delegation fourth Report of the Chairman F. Masaryk

The exhibition, which is part of the celebrations held at the castle Rosenburg prevailed among females VOK Nora from Maple avenue of breeding Frantisek Krejci, owned by Josef Kosina between VOD and Sita Anisok Paul Voluntary breed of Jitka Cosine.

PHOTO: P. voluntarily sieve Anisok and Jitka Kosinová Nora of Maple avenue

In Brod nad Dyjí of the first training camp for novice owners VO. The camp was aimed at methods of dog training at PZ. They led her husband Jitka and cosines and František Josef Krejci, who was at that time trainer of the club. The camp was attended by 41 people with 16 Weimar Pointers and 2 Hungarian Pointers. Hunting ground for training as well as in the years lent free of MS Sinai Brod nad Dyjí. The event this year from an annual event brings together the efforts cvičitelské with a pleasant holiday with your dog in a recreation area Mušovských lakes in the county of good wine.
Club competition (SZVP and LZ) was held in Lower Bojanovice. The winner Paul Fedorko dog Argo Líšeňských of forests.
Club show was held in the Benes Struhařov. The most beautiful dog show became female Bara from scribe George Hurych.
2000 In March the club conference. Shortly before the meeting 25.03 died unexpectedly at the age of 60 years old chairman and adviser to breed Ferdinand Masaryk. The Chairman of the MD was elected. Francis Nahodil, breeding advisor Francis tailor.
II. annual training days in Brod nad Dyjí. Participated in 32 dogs and 60 people (leaders with family members).
The breed has 13 males and 17 females VOD.
Club competition SZVP and LZ held in Mšec. The winner Miroslav Amler dog Egon from Kněžího groves.

PHOTO: Egon from Kněžího Damn leader M. Amler

The 2001 membership meetings in Benes and Prostejov voted, that there will be two shows each year Weimaraner - Club and Special. Terms of breeding have been extended to mandatory completion of one of these shows. The club has in this jubilee year, around 500 members. Interest in the breed grows.
At the Spring downspouts was this year presented 131 shorthaired Weimaraner. At the autumn Tests have shown 99 Weimaraner.
13.9. - 9.16 Telc - 35th celebrations Anniversary KCHVO. The celebrations were club competition - a versatile hunter trials, which took place as the first year of Memorial of Robert Jakoubka the award titles CACIT, res. CACIT, CACT and res. CACT, forest exams and Club show. Tests was attended by 53 leaders of the dogs at entry was 219 výmaranů (including 32 VOD). The event was opened with a parade of leaders with dogs on Telčská Square.

PHOTO: Telc 2001 celebrations 35 anniversary of the club - the opening ceremony of the Telc square

The celebrations were also a rich cultural program - gala concert tour hunting Roštejn, green evening fireworks. The winner of the MRJ became the Swiss leader Ulrich Bartsch dog Arto vom Nollenwald, 486 points. Second Lubomir Lacina place with boron from Šelešovských hillsides, 483 points. 3rd place DVM. Jaroslav Šonka with a dog on his computer - right from Deer clearings, 478 points.
Club winner of the show was Slovak dog Hasso Adrianinho of Justice Dr. owners. Miloslav bud.
The most beautiful Longhair výmaranem Arthur was the crowning dollar John Vavra.

PHOTOS: Best in Show Hasso Adrianinho of Justice

III. training camp in Brod nad Dyjí. Participated in 27 dogs.
Address the club was re-registered to the address of Prostějova ČMKJ.

2002 From 1 July 2002, a new breed standard, issued by the country of origin Germany.
Club competition - SZVP and LZ was held in the presence Okříšky 9 Weimaraner, 2 from Slovakia. The winner of Bara Líšeňských forests led by Paul Fedorko.
4th annual training camp - 29 dogs and 50 people.
Club show Jemniště were registered 88 Weimaraner. Special Exhibition held in Prostejov.

2003 The Special Exhibition in Benes was demonstrated 71 and 67 in Austerlitz Club Weimaraner
5th annual training camp in Brod nad Dyjí. It was attended by 43 dogs.
Conditions for obtaining bronze badge leader's true: Hubert Kreps, Jan Chudlářský, Radek Černý, Tomáš Walner, Jiri Pavlik, Václav Kuška.
Club autumn tests and SZVP held in Klatovy. The winner was Petr Patocka with a female Jessy Adrianinho of Justice.

PHOTO: Petr Patocka and Jessy Adrianinho of Justice

In 2004 breed has 53 breeding males and 83 breeding females.
Was printed set of club rules.
LZ club and SZVP in Kutna Hora was attended by 11 dogs. The winner was Baron Jituš led by Vlastimil Cintlem.
6th annual training camp in Brod nad Dyjí.
At the membership meeting were passed leadership badges: Bronze - Václav Kosina, bronze, silver and gold Paul Fedorko.
80th Anniversary Club Weimaraner in Austria was also attended by farmers from the Czech Republic. VZ attended Milan everyone that the dog Edy v. Gstettenhof finished fifth place in III. price.

PHOTO: Milan each and Edy

One of the judges on the VZ and breeding consultant KCHVO Frantisek Krejci. Club exhibition was attended by 6 males and females from the Czech Republic and all were graded excellent. In the working class - dogs won Car of Kbelnické rocks Tomas Šesták. Overall, the first place went to the dogs, who had I., II .. and III. genealogical line of Czech ancestry

PHOTO: Milan each with Edym, T. Sestak with Carey from Kbelnické rocks

Club show Benes were registered and 100 dogs at a special exhibition in Bratčice u Brna 71 dogs were entered.

2005 saw the club Hlinsku conference, which was named a nine-member committee KCHVO and three members of the Supervisory Board. The chairman of the club once again became MD. Francis accidental. VOK for breeding advisor is Frantisek Krejci for VOD Mr. Martin Čechová.
This year, she began working breeders Board, whose members are both advisers breeding, Chairman KCHVO and Francis Kaplan (judge from the outside), DVM. Jaroslav Sonka, DVM. Jana Kočová, Milan anyone. Professional consultants breeding Board Mr. Jaromir Dostal, MD.
Have been extended conditions for obtaining license - both breeds Weimaraner must undergo selection for breeding before a three-member committee consisting of representatives of the breeding advice. In the first year following selections for breeding completed 110 Weimaraner (failed 17, 7%). Commissioning official website KCHVO
7th annual training camp in Brod nad Thaya - attended by 77 friends Weimaraner with 55 dogs.
There was a club show in Bratčice (83 dogs) and a special exhibition at Benesova (96 dogs).

PHOTO: 2005 KV Benešov 2001

PHOTO: 2005 KV Benešov 2001
Club competition (SZVP and LZ) was held in Klatovy. The winner of Erik dog Žehuňská Valley led by Francis last year.

PHOTO: Erik from Žehuňská valley and Francis Lonský

For the first time in 2006 held only one meeting of members in the sewers near Jihlava. Private meeting preceded the morning lecture in analyzing exterior, health issues and electronic training aids. After the meeting was held a social evening with dancing and raffle.
Leadership badges: Bronze - Zdeněk Svoboda, bronze and silver - Milan Kazda, bronze and silver - Mr. Pavel Vyhlídal.
On special dog show in Lysa nad Labem signed up 121 dogs (12 and 109 VOK VOD). The winner of the exhibition has become a shorthaired female Artemis of the Silesian forest owner Gabriela Navratilova

In Brod nad Dyjí on 8 annual training camp with the participation of 36 Weimaraner.

On 14 - September 17, 2006 took place in a historic 40th Telči Anniversary KCHVO country. The celebrations were especially II. Memorial Robert Jakoubka - versatile test I. and II. These tests was attended by 35 Weimaraner (31 VOK and 4 VOD). The tests took part in 6 foreign leaders (3 A, 1 N, 1 DM, 1 SK). Also, the judges were representatives from abroad (PL, A, D,). The winner of the II. MRJ was Milan each with a three-bitch VOK of Fatima Žehuňská Valley (489 points, CACT, the best work in the forest).

PHOTO: Winner MRJ M. Kazda being awarded by Ivo Jakoubka (son of R. Jakoubka)

It also conducted two tests autumn with CACT. These tests attended by 27 Weimaraner.
The celebrations culminated club show in the park, which signed up 144 dogs
(29 and 115 VOK VOD). The winner of the show was long-haired dog of Cyrus the crowning dollar owner Lenka Mitrychové.

PHOTO: Participants of the exhibition came to greet the founder of the post-war farming in the Czech Republic with his wife MD. Jan Fiala (4th from left)

PHOTO: Cyrus Show Winner of the crowning dollar

Weimaraner had this year again after a long time a representative to MRK and FEM. Winner MRJ Milan each with Fatima from Žehuňská valley passed MRK (470 points II. Prize, the best work in the field) and then MKP (424 points III. Prize).

PHOTO: MRK - Milan each and Fatina from Žehuňská Valleys

The breed has also successfully presented at the Staff Training and a member of the club Eva Vošmiková. Occupied with a female VOK Vanda Anisok I. place in Bohemia Cup - a selection race for the World Cup rescue dogs.

Conditions for obtaining bronze badge of leader met Karel Dostalík.

The breed has 19 dogs and 23 bitches VOD. Were born 44 puppies (34 left) VOD.
VOK: 198 females and 54 males. Of the 56 litters with 453 puppies were born. 350 was bred puppies.

The breed has 183 short-haired females and 63 males. It was thrown 539 dogs (bred 452).

Longhaired: 21 females and 20 males. In 2007, registered 4 litters VOD.
The new trainer of the club became Paul Fedorko.
Conditions for obtaining a silver badge of leader met Václav Railway. Bronze acquired Jaroslav Šonka and Simon Medřická.
According to reports trainer was on trials demonstrated 228 výmaranů. Most on PZ - 109 (first prize: 79 II.cena: 10, III. Prize: 10). 25 VO successfully completed the versatile test.
Club competition - LZ and SZVP held in Zašovice at Okříšky. The winner was the dog Nero pike led by Vera Klein. Autumn tests in Vracov won the female Bora from Skřivolánů owned by Marty Odložilová, which have completed a very successful year, because Bora was the winner of the Autumn Club show Bouzov. Leader - women have done very well in other tests. In the Club Bloodhound first ever test in the sewers near Jihlava won Karin from Farniska led by Mr. Maslov. All 14 dogs entered successfully passed the tests and procedures Weimaraner to 12 hours old pobarvené track team judges evaluated very positively.
Two leader Simon Markova with a female Citty from Červenického stream and Tereza Švarcová with Diana Sulického of Justice to nominate at Memorial Richard Knoll.
Also show season this year has been successful - the special exhibition 05.05 in Hluboka signed up 132 Weimaraner (of which 17 were long-haired). The winner of the exhibition became a female VOD working class Era of crowning dollar (ing Čechová breeder, owner Mr. Sedlacek). Autumn Club Dog Show took place also in a very nice environment - the castle Bouzov. Attendance: 84 Weimaraner short-haired, long-haired 16. In this exhibition the first place competition for young exhibitors who very carefully examined Mr. Košťálová. Win breeding group of VOD crowning dollar Mr. Chekov is evidence of increasing levels of longhaired breed výmaranů.
2007 brought farmers still a novelty - was developed and published a catalog of all breeding dogs VOK. The next year was accompanied by a catalog of long.

Beginning of the year brought the sad news of the death of two founding members of the club. MD. John Fiala (92 years) and Muhammad Ali Silhavy (90 years).

The first meeting of KCHVO this year took place in the sewers at the Jihlava membership meeting. Part of the membership at this meeting has expressed its dissatisfaction with the work of some members of the committee. Committee censure was a meeting of members convened for September special membership meeting and conference, whose main task was to elect a new committee.
Despite the difficult situation in and around the club committee managed to secure a club were all scheduled events.
On 20 April 2008 was the Nepřevázce in Mlada Boleslav World Weimaraner in Spring Field Trial solo by CACT and CACIT. It was the latest in a series of competition for the Week of mainland hunter, who in this place and surrounding hunting grounds organized by the Commission for Continental Pointers FCI, ČMKU, ČMKJ and Club shorthaired pointers Jizerní Vtelno in cooperation with ČMMJ OMS Mladá Boleslav. It has been shown 6 Weimaraner.

PHOTO: VO MS Mladá Boleslav

Nabodovat managed Citty from Červenického stream leader Simony Markov. Rated very good and the only title of World Champion in the whole week marathon (NKO MS, CF, Continental Pointing Dogs, VO and Czech open).
Tests talents were held 05.11 in excellent restocking hunting Oseček where dogs could prove contact with feathered and furry. Of the 11 dogs entered the examination successfully completed the ninth Best performing female Aischa Hunting Mind led Milan Němček.
23rd 8th LZ in Okříšky: enrollment of 12 dogs. Passed in 9 dogs and I. included in one price III.Vítězí experienced leader and longtime member KCHVO ing Vyhlídal dog Ogar from pike.

PHOTO: Winner LZ test ing Vyhlídal

Versatile test 20th and 9.21 in Vracov. Enrollment of 14 dogs, succeeded 9-7 in the first price in the second one. price. and one in the third. price. The winner was from Harvy Červenického stream leader Francis Lonský, 491 points, CACT. Autumn exams October 4, 2008 in Dlažov the concert výmarácké diligence. On examination enrollment of 13 dogs, one resigned and the remaining 12 completed the test in the first price. The winner DVM. Jaroslav Šonka dog of his breed Zir from the dance strip - 298 points, CACT.

PHOTO: Winner PZ, CACT - Zir from the dance strip - a leader and owner Jaroslav Šonka

2009 Special Exhibition held May 10, 2009 in Lysa nad Labem. 135 dogs were registered, of which 22 VOD). The winner is the crowning VOD Cyrus dollar Lenka Mitrychové.
Club Show September 13, 2009 in Telc - registered 110 dogs (10 VOD). The winner of the show became VOK ESIREM of Vtelenských hillsides Simona MEDŘICKÝ.
September 13, 2008 was held in Telči special membership meeting.
He was elected a new board of the club:
Chairman - Mr. Martin Kochi
Místopředsada - Ing. Jaroslav Danek
Managing Director - Mr. Spacek
The main breeding consultant and advisor for VOK - DVM. Jaroslav Šonka
For breeding advisor VOD - DVM. Ladislav Bohemia
Registrar - Václav Kuška
Trainer - Milan Kazda
The Economist - Catherine Jirková
Press Officer - DVM. Jana Kočová
Members: Frantisek Krejci, Radek Cerny
3 members KCHVO Simona Markova with Citty from Červenického stream Hana Jurašková with Fergie Noves and Tereza Švarcová with Diana Sulického Justice of the shortlisted 36 dogs participated in the nomination testing for participation in the Memorial of Richard Knoll. Jurášková H. and S. Markova this test successfully completed a transmission between MRK 20 participants. Both managed to fight their way to the top competition - Memorial Karla Podhajského. H. Jurášková unfortunately ended when competition fails siding with Fox. Simon and Citty fought until the final successful and completed in MKP III. price.

PHOTO: Citty from Červenického stream and Simona Markova

The new committee followed the established tradition of joint membership meetings in the sewers near Jihlava. Morning lectures on ethology dogs recited Bc Silent illuminate not only many of the dogs behavior, but also why they have such a proven methodology importance of education and training that the knowledge of behavioral acts based. Afternoon meetings had to be postponed because we had a last sad farewell to friend Francis Krejci, who died 3.7 Frantisek Krejci was a member KCHVO since 1972. In the past he worked as a trainer after the death of F. Masaryk until last September as the chief advisor to breed. CHS was the owner of Maple avenue.

Membership Meeting approved the new statutes KCHVO.
Committee co-opted for Francis Krejčího new committee member James
Navratil. Due to the high number of dogs espousing the exhibition committee
KCHVO decided to take a new feature of the exhibition Examiner
(So ​​far ensured the exhibition press officer).
09/05/2009 - Special exhibition KCHVO, park Volský trough. There were registered 146 dogs (29 VOD). Judge: Mr. Dostal, Mr. Purple, P. and V. Buba Koldinský. The winner stala17 months old Asikkala Steel - Crazy Dog of breed Jiri Sramek owned by Mr. Simony MEDŘICKÝ. Award for best exterior long-haired individual (BOB) attribute to judge a two-year impove the crowning tuning of breed ing Czechs owners MD. George Hnátek. Committee Kennel Club and the Council decided that part of the spring exhibition KCHVO become breeding show dogs to have the opportunity to introduce a new stud dogs especially, but also to demonstrate and remind the dogs and the breed has been working for a long time (you have the option of joint presentations with their children participating in the exhibition). In Volský trough this option has been used 7 longhaired and shorthaired 17 breeding dogs and they were one of the undisputed evidence of the increasing quality of the Czech breeding.
7.18 - Club SZVP in MS mooing - Rožďalovice. 8 well-trained Weimaraner showed great talent for water work and passed all tests in the first price. The winner with full points became Annie Monvi Salvia led by Jane Pichová, second from Plasoku Denny's leader George Plack and third place went to Alan from the stream Kačák under Zdenek Veleba.
The third week of August was already traditional and increasingly popular training camp KCHVO. Already tenth met with both beginners and advanced training of young Weimaraner owners in Brod nad Dyjí. This year has been entered and completed training more than 50 dogs. Tabor led Mr. Martin Chekhov and other instructors from among the members of the club.
September 12th, 2009 - Club show in Vracov at Kyjova to this entry was 89 dogs (including 15 long-haired). Club winner became Weimaraner Long-Bara from Šafranicí, award winner breed VOK received Gazella in Grey Sirius Nova. The exhibition was judged by Ludek Müller and Mr. Petr Klaška a DVM. Frantisek Simek. Mrs. Zdenka Jilkova accepted the invitation and assess the competition Young exhibitor, which it entered 9 children with his Weimar friends.

PHOTO: Club Show Vracov September 2009

Selective breeding has passed in this year 99 dogs.

19th and 9.20 2009 MS hunting Dubrava Vracov was Club versatile test. Signed on them 17 males and Saturday before the Jury enrolled 12 dogs and 1 VOK VOD. With the exception of one dog, whose leader resigned from the tests right away on Saturday morning at the first event, 12 dogs have passed both days in the field, on the water and in the woods. 6 dogs underwent tests in the first price, the price of 5 in the second and one in the third. The best led VOK Jim Krokočínských of forests led Zdenek Valským - I. prize, 490 points, CACT. Won the award for the best work in the field and the color (listed as detectors). In second place was the VOK Aron Monvi Salvia led by Jaromir Gratclem - I. prize, 479 points, res. CACT and awards for the best work on the water. Third place went to female VOK Aranka Rozkošného top of the leader Jane Kočová - I. prize, 479 points. Awards for the best work in the woods (full points from forest disciplines and precise work notifiers on color) ran away from the dog Hary Maple alley led by Jan feathers.

PHOTO: Winner versatile test them out Krokočínských forests leader Zdeněk Valský

Author: MVDr. Jana Kočová

I would like to thank MVDr. Jana Kočová for processing an article for KCHVO and permission to publish this article.